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So pleased


Peter Ellison

4 star

So pleased to have met you,Lottie loves meeting new friends



Amy Hensby

5 star

Liz is a fantastic trainer! Only had one session so far but the results are amazing. Thanks liz x

Excellent service


Sally Bird

5 star

Excellent service. Super friendly and Meg is really happy too see the van turn up. Very pleased with our first week. Happy collie means a happy owner. Thank you

Different Dog


Carol Walker —  Molly my six year old yorkie had real problems being around other dogs, I didn't think anything could be done with her, so glad we found Liz, Molly is a different dog now I can't thank Liz enough

Down to you


Mark Pratt Thanks Liz, all down to you , (Sorry pressed the wrong button too soon) meant to say all down to you, you're positivity, encouragement, no nonsense approach, expertise and intuitive insight into not only doggy minds but also us humans too. You've transformed me and my dogs relationships. I can't wait to get my weekly training fix. Fab. Not sure Taf and Jake would agree, only kidding, should have seen their reaction to this clip she they heard your voice. ( Oh no Mum she's here;-) ) Can only highly recommend you, more than five star and if I could suss this facebook could put it on your wall. Massive thankyou. Love the daily posts. Julie, Taf and Jake Pratt. Xxx

Doggy sausage


Thank you. Dan may have been a frightened little thing, I was a mass of anxiety & frightened too. That's why I'm eternally grateful to you as he would probably have gone back to Dogs Trust without you.

He excelled himself in Settle pet shop today. Suddenly snatched 3 links of doggy sausage treats off a low shelf & chomped them down there & then! By the time I'd paid for them they'd all gone! He was ever so pleased with himself. I reckon he planned it as we've been in the shop a few times. Very funny.

Angie x

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Catherine Cousins

11 June at 15:55

Just had a great refresher session with Liz with some reminders and an injection of confidence for me with Scrumpy when meeting dogs on 1:1 basis. He's like a different dog - how does she make it looks soo easy? But I will not be defeated - thanks Liz:)

Heather Jackson  

5 star

Amazing service + always on hand for any training advice!

Liz, thanks for everything. Your hard work and exhaustive determination means that I can now go out confidently with Holly. We have even recently had comments from neighbours and passers by about the change in her behaviour. It's all down to you !!! We had five previous 'experts' training her who achieved nothing. Thanks again, we will always recommend you. Simply the best ! xx Sheila.

                                                                                Liz with Holly and a lovely

                                                                                       spray of flowers         

Highly recommend!!! Harley started anxious of new people and 3 walks in he's starting to realise new people aren't so scary!! And thanks to peak and paws he's not only getting exercise but it's a chance to socialise and help his anxiety!!

                                                                                Danielle Staveley-Milner